Venture was engaged by a private equity client to conduct a buy-side commercial due diligence on a major telco business in the Australian and New Zealand market, focusing on fixed, mobile and voice products and services.

Venture was tasked to:

  • Assess the local telecommunications market and give a comprehensive picture of the competitive landscape

  • Produce a market forecast for each segment of the business and analyse the key drivers, risks and opportunities

  • Validate management forecasts of the business and determine their overall reliability



Venture assessed the telco market and proposed business for the private equity company and outlined findings that:

  • Assessed each segment that the business operated in, including Consumer, SMB, Wholesale and Enterprise

  • Defined the addressable market, competitive positioning and economics of the proposed business

  • Investigated the positioning of the business among consumers

  • Analysed the competitive landscape that the business operated in to determine market potential

  • Identified the possible risks going forward that could be faced and outlined methods to mitigate these risks

  • Determined likely synergies that could be leveraged by the private equity firm if they proceeded with the transaction