Our consulting practice is focused on enabling growth

Our work starts with a question…


what's going on?

For many of our clients, the critical first step in any strategy work is to diagnose the health of the business. Using Venture Consulting’s custom tools and frameworks, we work closely with you and your team to understand every aspect of your business’s performance.

For some clients, this means identifying underperforming products or sales channels; for others the diagnostic phase highlights broader issues like high exposure to disruptive technologies or a high cost base relative to competitors. Click here to see how our diagnostic work has helped clients generate revenue and growth.



Where do we need to go? How can we get there?

You’ve done your SWOT, but do you know what your targets are beyond this reporting cycle? How about in 5 years’ time? Using our tried and tested method, Venture Consulting will work with you to define what long-term success looks like for your business, and to identify what guiding principles will help you get there.

We then convert these principles into a set of clear, tangible initiatives and recommendations, supported by the rigorous analysis and fact-based analysis that are our stock-in-trade. At every stage, we collaborate closely with you and your team, because good strategy needs consensus and broad support to succeed. Click here to read more about how we have helped clients define future success and how to achieve it. 



How do we make it happen?

A good strategy is only as good as its execution. At Venture Consulting, our goal is to help you achieve tangible outcomes – not to produce reports that gather dust. Typically building on the strategy that we have helped you develop, we will support you as you roll out your strategy to each individual business unit or stakeholder. In practice, we typically support our clients by developing a go-to market approach for specific initiatives, determining optimal sales channels or pricing and running tender processes for external partners. Click here to find out more. 


Economic and regulatory

how do we manage our stakeholders?

Good strategy doesn’t stop with your company; you need broad support to achieve the best results. At Venture, we have deep experience helping our clients develop their external stakeholder strategy. We start by mapping out the full ecosystem in which your business operates, across competitors, suppliers, customers, industry bodies and relevant regulatory ities. We then combine our market knowledge and networks with yours to understand which stakeholders you need to engage with and tailoring your message to each stakeholder’s unique position.
You will also need to prove to one or more parties that your proposal will generate tangible benefits, based on rigorous analysis and modelling. Our consultants have the right combination of commercial experience, economic expertise and industry knowledge to analyse the net benefits of your strategy from all angles, ensuring that you have the strongest possible case for why your stakeholders should support your proposals. 

Read more about our work helping clients engage external stakeholders here.


Technology and operations

What tools do we need?

The role of technology is continuously evolving, constantly creating new challenges and opportunities for every business. In this environment, it is critical that you have the right mix of tools and technologies to support your business – whether improving what you have or launching a new strategy. Our senior team have over 50 years’ experience working with companies to identify and implement new platforms and processes.

For example, we have project managed the rollout and implementation of an online streaming platform for a telco and reviewed a content management organisation’s distribution system. Read more about our technology and operations work here


Commercial Due Diligence

Should we make this acquisition?

In 9 out of 10 cases, M&A transactions fail to deliver on what is promised.[1] The key to being in the successful 10% is effective due diligence. As sector experts with extensive due diligence experience, Venture Consulting can give you the confidence you need to understand every detail of a prospective transaction.

As a buyer, we will help you refine your investment thesis, stress test the target’s business model, forecast profitability against broader market trends, and prepare for potential opportunities and risks. As a vendor, we will help you put forward the best case for your assets, including building forward-looking financial models based on defensible assumptions.

We have worked on some of the biggest buy- and sell-side TMT deals in Australia.

Click here to read more about our experience.

[1] Harvard Business Review

Venture Consulting clearly understands our business and the issues that we face. They have always produced top drawer work that has helped us to make the right decisions.
— Spark