COVID-19 and the ANZ Media Market - Vol I

Our team recently assessed the medium-term impact of COVID-19 on the ANZ media market, and have considered how players should respond as they move beyond emergency operational resets and begin to look further forward at the post-crisis business environment.

As you spend another week ticking off TV shows you have watch online, spare a thought for how your - and the nation’s - media consumption habits have been changed. With restrictions on live sport, reductions in advertising budgets, and the dramatic shift to online media, the media industry is placed in a highly challenging environment that will see clear winners and losers based on their responses to this crisis. At Venture, we aim to best position Media firms in this new environment to not only navigate the short-term challenges facing the industry, but also setting up to successfully prosper from the long-term opportunities that will arise.

Please take the time to read our analysis and connect with us to discuss any additional questions and concerns you may have.

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