Venture Consulting was engaged by a leading Australian telco to determine the step out opportunities available to the telco’s media business which will allow it to achieve profitable long-run growth from its domestic media assets

In doing so, Venture was tasked to assess:

  • The most attractive media segments to play in given the telco’s strengths and assets

  • How the telco should play in these segments in an efficient and effective way

  • Whether it make sense for the telco to expand its orientation towards international opportunities



Venture separated its analysis into three key areas of business growth:

  • Core business: Recommended approaches that aggressively grow the core businesses that takes advantage of existing assets, changing the product mix, value proposition, both organically and via partnerships

  • Accelerators: We recommended approaches to leveraging its current media businesses assets to create new content offerings in new markets, narrowing down opportunities from a long list by financial attractiveness and strategic fit

  • Adjacencies: Expand the telco’s market leadership into new business that represent step out opportunities while leveraging its core assets

We assisted the client in the development of a board pack highlighting the key output and strategic recommendations from our analysis