The client engaged Venture to help define new products to launch over the next three years in order to defend and grow its revenues, in light of major changes to the world in which copyright management organisations (CMOs) operate:

  • Consumer needs are ever-evolving as the role of copyright, compliance and information management changes

  • This posed a major threat to the client in terms of decreased relevance, reduced revenue and disruption from new competitors

  • Despite the knowledge built up internally, it was unclear to the client how the business should adapt



Venture’s final outputs were spread across a number of phases, during which we:

  • Venture conducted an extensive market research on the key changes impacting customers' needs, together with a review of what other CMOs have done to adapt to these changes

  • Venture recommended a set of products to develop, highlighting the opportunities these would bring to the client, as well as the risks involved with the development of these products

  • Venture built a roadmap to accompany the client in the execution of the recommended strategy

  • The final report, including the roadmap, was presented to the Board