Venture was engaged by a large Australian telco to determine what their strategy should be in an upcoming sports rights auction process. Valuation of the rights assisted the telco in being secure in the knowledge that they were not under- or over-pricing the deal.

In doing so, Venture assessed whether the client should bid in that round of the sports rights, what partnerships to consider and what bid to submit.



Venture’s analysis allowed the client to know which partnership was likely to yield the best strategic fit and the optimal mix of rights at the best price. In doing so, Venture:

  • Assessed the strategic rationale and fit for the telco of acquiring the particular sports rights

  • Assessed the percentage of games that would need to be made exclusive in order to drive optimal levels of customer acquisition and retention

  • Calculated the deal value to the client and their prospective partners for multiple deal options

  • Co-created an options paper with the client which was presented to the CEO and the senior management team